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I-Con Sports

About Us

I-Con Sports offers athletes the unique opportunity to access universities in the USA through scholarships by combining competition in an athletic team together with undergraduate studies in the U.S.A. Balancing sports and studies, plus the personal growth of living with people from different places in the most developed country of the world, sets apart the people who have the privilege to experience this adventure, which will give them the tools to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Marc Mucki Becker (Germany/Spain) and Alexandra Costa (Spain), founders of I-Con Sports, studied and competed in a North American university by means of an athletic scholarship. It was such an exceptional experience for them that, in 2003, they created I-Con Sports in Barcelona (Spain) to help other athletes take advantage of this opportunity, which opens up a world of possibilities of success in sports, in school and in their lives.

Current situation

After 10 years offering this service, we remain loyal to our mission based on treating each student exclusively, which is known as The Difference of I-Con.

I-Con Sports has agents around the world in order to speed up parts of the process and guide the youngest athletes the steps they need to pursue in the future if they want to go to the United States with an athletic scholarship. However, the university enrollment process will always be carried out directly by the founders who establish a maximum quota of athletes every year to protect the quality of its outstanding service.

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Latest News

The key of Studies

At Bardou Tennis Competition we have specific programs in order to make it possible to combine tennis with regular educational studies.

Tennis funnel

Bardou Tennis Competition has developed its own 6 axis training method to help the student to grow as a tennis player. The goal is to be able to compete at a high level and get results.

Tennis players...

Have at their disposal accommodation, mental training, nutrition, podiatry and tennis tournaments.