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For a long time, athletes in their formative years which are attending school and find themselves in a point of their lives in which studies are of great importance, have had or still have difficulties in handling both their studies and their sports training in a conventional school.

  • For that, we have designed a programme to make formative sports training compatible with both sports commitments (training and official matches) and academic commitments (class attendance and official exams).
  • School and sports combined require a great effort on behalf of the student. That is why we consider a project that can understand this reality and finding a way to make the two activities compatible of key importance.
  • We will combine the schedules of training and studies starting with Middle School all the way to High school.
  • All the studies are official and certified by the Departamento d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya and can be validated in all the countries of the world.

The student-athlete that decides to train with us annually will be able to study:

  • Spanish education system: Middle School (ESO) and High school
  • DUAL education system: It is a combination between the Spanish education system and the American one. It can be completed starting with 3rd of ESO (9th grade) – 2nd Bachillerato (12th grade). Upon finishing the student would obtain both degrees: Spanish and American.

  • Once High school is completed, they can prepare for the exams of "Selectividad" (Spanish University) and/or for the SAT and TOEFL exams (American University).
  • When finishing 12th grade (2º de Bachillerato) the student will be prepared in an intensive course up until the day prior to the "Selectividad" exams. There will be emphasis on the general review of all the contents, in achieving a good exam technique, time management and having practice tests for the students to familiarize themselves with the style of questions.
  • All students can optionally prepare for the SAT and TOEFL exams in individual or group tutoring classes.
  • They can opt for a sports scholarship to the American Universities.
  • Students in need of a VISA to stay in Spain can obtain one without any issues if they are enrolled in the official Spanish educational system.

The student-athlete which chooses to remain with us in temporary stays as a stage format (summer…) will be able to attend:

  • Language lessons: Spanish (students that do not speak Spanish) and English (students that wish to start, improve or refine the language).
  • Tutoring for any subject: students that need to prepare for their September recuperation exams during their summer stays

This programme is designed for those students that have a high level, be they rising talents that have the potential to become professional or simply young athletes that stand out and are required to train many hours. The idea is that they do not lose contact with sport because of their studies, but above all, to have the opportunity to continue studying since it is very difficult to become professionals in their sport and most them will not reach that point.

The idea is to centralize the services necessary for the athlete to have a comprehensive training at a sport, academic and personal level. To get the most out of the training time, training sessions, competitions, studies, exams, nutrition and rest.

Provide the same facilities of infrastructure, functionality and educational methodology to facilitate the possibility for excellency of the student-athlete and this way taking care of his growth as a person, allowing him to perform all his responsibilities and obligations in the environment of an athlete.

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